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An Indispensable Resource for Nonprofit Leaders and Fundraisers

Diversity and Philanthropy coverAt a time when nonprofit leaders find themselves in an increasingly diverse philanthropic environment, understanding how to harness the power of cultural diversity is essential. This highly anticipated resource is grounded in Lilya Wagner’s many years as a fundraising professional, trainer, and consultant, as well as her extensive global and multicultural experience.






Franklin G David

Franklin G. David, M. A., Senior Pastor, Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church

Pastor David has served his church since its founding in 1988. Prior to coming to the United States, Pastor David led several churches, served as a seminary teacher, and worked as a hospital administrator in India. He has also been a mid-level manager at Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC. Pastor David earned his Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree at Spicer Memorial College in Pune, Maharashtra, India, and a Masters degree from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. He also completed Medical Technologist training in India. His passion is fundraising and has been instrumental in raising funds to build a ten million dollar church in the Washington DC area and raised funds for several schools and hospital projects in India.

Highlights of the book:


  • Information and insights about specific population groups and their cultures, traditions, and practices in North America that affect and influence philanthropy.
  • Examples from countries of origin.
  • Real-life examples and sidebars from representatives of those cultures.
  • Input by professionals and practitioners from diverse populations and countries of origin.
  • Suggestions for the culturally-proficient professional, particularly in fundraising.

About the author


Before she was ten years old, Lilya Wagner had left her homeland as a refugee, wandered homeless through parts of Europe, finally made it to the United States as an immigrant, spoke four languages, lived on three continents, crossed several oceans, and had short-term stays in New York and Washington, DC. Her personal and professional experience bring together knowledge of culture, diversity and generosity and place these into practical perspectives. As a frequent speaker, trainer, and educator, she has made culture and philanthropy an area of expertise over time, and has written numerous articles and book chapters on various aspects of the topic. Her network of global professionals, developed through North American and international work, enhances the significance of this volume. Her continuing affiliation with a great many nonprofits and educational institutions, plus her consulting role bring a fine balance of sources of information compiled into one practical volume for the culturally-proficient professional.


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Diversity and Philanthropy cover
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